Memorials, USS Haynsworth DD700
Killed In Action
WWII - 1945
    Missing Man Table    
    Table Ceremony Script    
Memorial Service held on the
USS Wisconsin BB-64
Norfolk, VA ~ 2006
Doble, Howard R. Jr (FN, 50-52) Mandell, Alvin (LtCdr, 44-45)
Mettler, Fredrick L (BTC, 60-63) Stuard, Vernon (GM2/c, 54-55)
Goyer, Arthur A (RM2/c 44-45) Hill Jr, Cal Dean (CAPT, 64-65)
Lupia, Archy Louis (CAPT, 57-58) Vaessen, John Jack (EM1 44-45)
Cotter, George E (YN3 - 54-56) BLANK
Memorials, Other
Just A Common Soldier
Died Today
Soaring Valor
Tribute to WWII Veterans
by the ''Gary Sinise Foundation''
'DOC' B29 Restored
Tribute to her Crew
and Volunteers
5 Sullivan Brothers KIA
Aboard USS Juneau CL-52
Sunk by Japanese Torpedo WWII
Project America Run II
Mike Ehredt's Personal Tribute
One Life, One Flag, One Mile
20 Foreign Cemeteries. The home of
104,366 fallen, brave Americans.

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