About The
Haynsworth Name
Haynsworth Birth
and Specifications
USS Haynsworth DD700
Christening 04-15-1944
Summary of Theaters,
Ackomplishments and Awards
Fast Carrier Task Force 38/58
During WWII
*Brief Overview *
Destroyer Squadron 62
During WWII
* Brief Overview *
Destroyer Squadron 62 WWII
Destroyer Divisions 123 and 124
Service during the 1940's
Service during the 1950's Service during the 1960's
**** 1970 ****
Decommissioned and
Sold to Taiwan
**** 1970 to 1999 ****
Haynsworth Served in
Taiwan as
Yue-Yang Destroyer
Destroyer Squadron 22
Post WWII Squadron Photo

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