Camouflage Dress       Collision with USS Ault DD698
  Japanese Picket Ships Sunk,  
  Survivors Rescued  
  and Transferred  
  Diagram of the Night Battle  
          26 Feb 1945          
 against a 100' Japanese Picket 
   Mare Island, CA Navy Yard   
 Repairing Damage from 
 Kamikaze Attack ~ April 6, 1945 
Mare Island, CA Navy Yard
Haynsworth Damage Report
Related to Kamikaze Attack
     Miscellaneous Photos     
     USS Haynsworth DD700     
     Exercise ''Strikeback''     
     September 1957     
     Gitmo Shakedown Cruise     
   04-14-58 to 05-27-58   
     Midshipman Cruise     
   06-17-58 to 07-15-58   
     Mediterranean Cruise     
   09/02/58 to 03/12/59   
     Inland Waterway Cruise     
   06/15/59 to 08/02/59   
     Gus Scutari FC1 44-45     
   Photo Collection   

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