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''Phalanx Against the Divine Wind''

Protecting the Fast Carrier Task Force During World War II

The USS Haynsworth with Destroyer Squadron 62
and the events leading up to the great
kamikaze raid of April 6-7 1945

Written by: Martin Irons

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Book Launch: Martin Irons will be at the National Tin Can Sailors Annual Convention August 21st, 2017, at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for the national release of Phalanx Against A Divine Wind.
Oct 5-8, 2017: The USS Haynsworth DD 700 Association will hold its annual convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Martin Irons will be on hand to sign copies of Phalanx Against a Divine Wind. The book tells the tale of the teenage USS Haynsworth crew that fought for survival during the largest kamikaze attack of World War II.

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Phalanx Against a Divine Wind
On board the USS Slater DE-766
26 August, 2017 - Albany, NY
2 Families of the Kamikaze victims,
Arthur A. Goyer RM2c and John R. Dyer, Jr. RM3c,
meet for the 1st time
   On the left is Bob Goyer, nephew of Arthur A. Goyer RM2c
   On the right is Helen Dyer Richmond, sister of John R. Dyer, Jr. RM3c
August 20, 2017, with copy of Phalanx in hand, Marty Irons visited
John Vasquez (SM3 44-45) at his home in Pompton Lakes, NJ.
John was seriously injured, but he survived the kamikaze attack.
  Lt. Allyn Ley (MD) tagged John's chart as
  'Probably Fatal' when he was transferred
  to the USS South Dakota BB 57 on
  6 April 1945.

  A large piece of his skull had been torn
  away by shrapnel from the wreckage of the
  kamikaze. He asked shipmates to pray for
  him before he was transferred to the South

  After he was highlined to the battleship,
  he was met by a medical team and
  Cdr. James Cunningham, a Paulist Priest,
  who gave John Last Rites.

  John survived! A steel plate was inserted in
  his skull. After his recovery, he has led a
  full life.

  John still attends daily Catholic mass.
Marty Irons said: Moments like these make me proud to have written Phalanx.